The B+E Driving TestLet’s start with test itself and what you will be required to do once your training is complete.

The Test Consists of :

  • A Reversing Exercise
  • An Uncouple and Recouple with the Trailer
  • An hour long drive with a DVSA Examiner – just like your car Test but much longer
  • Some basic questions about the vehicle and trailer being used

You will use our vehicle and trailer for the test, the same ones that you use whilst training.
The test is conducted at an LGV Driving Test Centre where Trucks and Buses will also undertake a similar kind of test.
Just like your car test you are allowed 15 minor faults but you are not allowed to commit a serious or dangerous fault – that means a fail.

If you pass you will be given a pass certificate immediately after the test and you are permitted to tow from that moment.

Your Training Course

So what happens during the training ?

We will of course spend time practising reversing the trailer and the test exercise. In addition we go through the uncoupling routine many times to ensure you know exactly what is expected of you on the test.
Then we will go out on the road and find different road conditions, cover some test routes and generally get your driving back to driving test standard.

After considering all the above it’s vital you book onto the correct course :

1 Day Course – MUST be someone who already knows how to reverse and uncouple – we will take for granted that you can and spend most of the day out on the road.

2 Day Course – Will allow much more practise time with the reversing and uncoupling exercises.

3 Day shared training course – Much like the 2 day courses you are allowed more time for practise at everything and you also get to watch your partner / friend which helps pick everything up quicker.

All our trailer test towing courses include the full use of our vehicles and trailers throughout the training AND the B+E Driving Test

If you have any questions about the training or the test please use our contact page to get in touch and we will be able to guide you.

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